About Us


陶瓷藝術,遠超我們眼所見、手所及、心所悟。它是造陶者對生活的觸動、表達一閃 而來的靈感及訴說作者的故事。它連結起匠人,收藏者及陶藝家,構成一個共同創作的空間, 讓喜歡陶藝的人可以盡情釋放靈感。


在探索的過程中,只有保持著對世界的好奇,打開心扉去感受每個新的意念、火花, 我們才能感受得更多。

在無邊無際的創意領域,我們融合中西陶瓷文化和知識,使眾人眼界更闊、創意更澎湃。 童窯陶瓷設計工作室,也是一個讓你可以不斷嘗試、實驗,讓靈感不斷流轉的空間。 我們歡迎所有陶藝探索者,和我們一起踏上這未知的旅程。

Ceramics art is so much more than what can be seen, touched or felt. It is a complex interrelation between stimulation, inspiration and retrospection. It is an ecosystem around which creators, collectors and influencers congregate. It is the sea of fascinating creativity that every ceramic enthusiast sails upon.

Once you are in this space, your discoveries will never cease to amaze you. Life is a journey of exploration. We experience the larger world when we are curious enough, when we are receptive enough to new sparks of creativity from within or around us.

At TY Ceramics, we will never stop rejuvenating the flow of inspiration. There are no limits to creativity and the yearning to learn, to see, and to create. We want to set your imagination free and to empower you to experiment with the unknown.

We welcome all ceramics explorers. Let’s take the journey into the unexplored together.