HKD 870 for 2ppl Trial Ceramics Workshop 拉坯/手捏+繪畫工作坊︰二人同行,第二位半價!


Throwing/Hand-building and Painting Workshop : BUY ONE GET ONE 50%


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  1. 可選擇上課地點包括荃灣,旺角,尖沙咀ClayLab,上環只限平日。 LIMITED TO CLAYLAB TSUEN WAN, MONGKOK, Tsim Sha Tsui, Tung Yao Sheung Wan available on weekdays only. 
  2. 課堂有效期:2022年1月2日至6月30日,荃灣只限星期二、四、六;旺角只限星期四至日。 BOOKING AVAILABILITY: From 2nd - 31st JAN 2022, ClayLab TW : Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday ; ClayLab MK: Sunday - Thursday ; Sheung Wan : weekdays only.
  3. 優惠不可分開使用,參加者需預約同一時段上堂 The offer cannot be used separately, participants shall attend the workshop in the same time slot.  
  4. 優惠不可與其他優惠同時使用。Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers. 
  5. 不可退款,不能部分或全部兌換現金,僅對單筆交易有效。This workshop is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full. It is valid for a single transaction only.