Ceramics Portfolio Building 3-week Intensive Course 陶藝作品集三周創作營@景德鎮

Portfolio Building Intensive Course This course offers invaluable guidance in cultivating a professional mindset and constructing a cohesive body of artwork that is uniquely representative of one's creative identity.

About the Lecturer

Amber Lei Founder of Tungyao Ceramics Studio

She started Art & Ceramics at the age of 9, qualified in GSCE and A Level at Mayfield school, BA in Ceramics at Cardiff Met Art & Design University, MSc in Architecture Conservation at the University of Hong Kong and QW qualified Ceramics restorer.  More than 20 years of ceramic experience and am currently as director of 5 ceramic studios across Hong Kong and China. The business stretches from ceramics workshops, school teaching, ceramics materials and supplies, customised orders of ceramics goods, and Artist & resident/ educational trips between Hong Kong, the UK and Jingdezhen.

Tim Rees Cambridge Examiner

He has over 24 years of experience as an Art and Ceramics teacher. He is Head of Ceramics at Mayfield school UK, A level moderator for OCR Art and design. He is the Ceramics specialist on the Pre-moderation team, only eight moderators nationally. Every student achieving their first-choice placement at University in the past 15 years.

Who should attend? 
This programme is specially designed and welcomes all ceramics lovers who wish to learn and evolve their design knowledge. Specifically for those who, 

  • For students to prepare GSCE, A LEVEL Cambridge examinations
  • For students to apply Art school or BA/MA in Art and Ceramics programs
  • looking for creative inspiration and wish to strengthen the foundation of art & design knowledge 

*** To ensure the programme quality, the maximum intake for this programme is 6 students. 

Course Schedule

Learning the process of Art & Design thinking through the medium of drawing, sketchbooks and clay.

  • Step 1 Natural Inspiration
  • Step 2 Artist Research
  • Step 3 Independent Concept
  • Step 4 Ideation Experiment
  • Step 5 Final Artwork

Course Details

  • Date: 2024 Jul 20-Aug 6
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Venue: Tung Yao Ceramics Design Studio at Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, China

Enroll & Inquiry

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