Marbling Workshop [Tung Yao Sheung Wan Exclusive]
Marbling Workshop [Tung Yao Sheung Wan Exclusive]

Marbling Workshop [Tung Yao Sheung Wan Exclusive]

Tung Yao Ceramics
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上環童窯限定【Marbling Workshop】



📌上環童窯 (二人優惠只限平日)


1搓泥及拉坯教學 + 1小時釉下彩繪畫
一件作品/人 (尺寸約 15 x 15 x15cm內)
提供泥料、 所需工具、已包括素燒及釉燒 
(如需額外燒製另加HKD 180)

二人同行價錢:HKD 870
一人價錢:HKD 580


Tung Yao Sheung Wan Exclusive [Marbling Workahop]

Get the second one 50% OFF. An extra 10% OFF will be given if you join our membership!! 

Discount is available to: 

📌Tung Yao Sheung Wan (Discount for TWO on weekdays only)

The workshop includes:
2-hours ceramics experience
1hr wedging and throwing tutorial + 1 hr under glaze painting
1 piece of work/pax (size within 15 x 15 x15cm)
Clay, tools, bisque fire and glaze fire
Marbling clay mixed by various clay with different texture, the outcome of marbling  depends on the gradient of clay and the making process.
(Extra firing piece +HKD 180 each)

HKD 580/ Head
Discount for 2: HKD 870

Promotion valid until 31/08/2022.

*Workshop includes tutor demo and clean-up time

查詢請致電 或 WhatsApp +852 6015 6044。
For inquiry,  please call us  or WhatsApp +852 6015 6044  


Terms & Conditions
Valid for 6 months starting from the issue date.
  1. All classes need to be booked in advance.
  2. Finished items can be collected approximately 2-3 weeks after the completed workshop at the studio.
  3. All works should be completed within 2 months from the start date of production, and the work should be retrieved within 2 months after the completion of glaze firing. 
  4. This workshop is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full. It is valid for a single transaction only.
  5. Strictly no extension of the expiry date from the date of issue will be allowed 
  6. Tung Yao Limited retains the right to reject any purchase that has been tampered with, damaged or found in any way unacceptable.
  7. Cancellation: If you are unable to attend the lesson for any reason, please inform us at least 24 hours before the workshop during office hours (10 am-6 pm). No-show or cancellation made on lesson day will have no refunds, rearrangement and reschedule of workshops. 
  8. Rearrangement: You can reschedule your booking ONCE only.  If you are unable to attend the make-up workshop for any reason, there will be no refunds, rearrangement and rescheduling of workshops. 
  9. Tung Yao Limited reserves the right to terminate the offer or to amend the terms and conditions of the offer without prior notice. In case of any dispute, Tung Yao Limited reserves the right of final decision on all related matters.
  1. 所有的課程都需要提前預約上堂。
  2. 成品可在完成工作坊後約2-3週取回。
  3. 所有作品需在開始製作當日起兩個月內完成釉燒步驟,並於完成釉燒後兩個月內取回作品。
  4. 不可退款,不能部分或全部兌換現金,僅對單筆交易有效。
  5. 有效期從簽發之日起,不得延長有效期。
  6. 童窯有限公司保留拒絕任何被篡改、損壞或以任何管道被發現不可接受的憑證的權利。
  7. 取消︰如果有任何原因導致無法上課,請務必最遲於上課前24小時(上午10點至下午6點)通知我們。自行缺席或於課堂當天取消之參加者,將不獲退款或補堂。
  8. 更改:參加者只可更改課堂時間一次。如更改後仍無法上課,將並不獲任何退款或補堂。
  9. 童窯有限公司保留終止約或修改要約條款的權利,恕不另行通知。如有任何爭議,     童窯有限公司保留最終決定權。