粗砂陶 Grog Clay (10kg)

粗砂陶 Grog Clay (10kg)

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粗砂陶 Grog Clay (10kg)

適合拉坯 、雕塑  Suitable for throwing, sculpturing 

成分表(Ingredients List): Na2O Al2O3 SiO2 P2O5 SO3 K2O CaO Fe2O3 MgO TiO2 MnO ZrO2

收縮率(Contraction Rate): 20%

產地:中國景德鎮Place Of Production:- Jingdezhen, China

燒成溫度 Firing Temperture: 1200℃-1360℃

*參考圖片由電窯 1260℃ 燒成


*Refer to the picture from electric kiln firing at 1260 ℃

Because the printing tone can have deviation, all the colours are for reference.


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一般下單後,會於確定完成付款的3-4個工作天內寄出貨品 (不包括星期六、日,公眾假期)。


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